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The Romanian Society on Ergonomics and Workplace Management (ErgoWork) has been legally established in 2019, aiming to:

  • Create a large national community of knowledge and exchange good and best practices from research and companies in the field of ergonomics and workplace management;
  • Increase the visibility of Romanian ergonomist achievements by building “bridges of knowledge” with other Ergonomics associations worldwide, with Federation of European Ergonomics Societies (FEES) and the International Ergonomics Association (IEA).

The dreams of the beginning were strongly shaken by the Covid19 pandemic! In 2020, the first ErgoWork conference took place completely online, but it was a real success and thus created a dynamic and interdisciplinary community of specialists. The projects, initiatives and publications of ErgoWork members have been and are particularly well received, so the association has become a national and international opinion leader. The second edition of the ErgoWork in 2022 (16-18 June, Timisoara, Romania) aimed to be a moment of reflection on what has been developed and achieved during the pandemic and post-pandemic period, under the strength message: ErgoWork for a New Normal! The conference has been supported by the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies (FEES) because ErgoWork association has become member in 2020.

In 2024, ErgoWork International Biennial Conference aims to open new ways of development, communication and integration of different communities of ergonomists and designers concerned with approaching and optimizing the actual human space. Under the auspices of the Meaning and Fusion initiative (launched in 2021, https://meaningandfusion.work/), we invite practitioners and researchers to share good practices, own experiences and successful developments, initiatives and research results. This year event is supported by different universities and companies from Romania, the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies (FEES) and the International Ergonomics Association (IEA), because last year the Romanian ErgoWork association has become official member of IEA.

In the new Era of Artificial Intelligence and accelerated digital transformation, ErgoWork 2024 International Biennial Conference event is designed to connect the Romanian community of ergonomists and designers to others internationally via sharing and dissemination actions in the fields of ergonomics and workplace management, sustainable development and wellbeing. We cordially invite distinguish colleagues from the universities and practitioners from a large variety of organizations (public and private companies, research institutes, medical units etc.) to support discussion, knowledge exchange and dissemination activities related to the following TOPICS (not limited but considered also, as potential conference sessions):

Ergonomics (theoretical approaches and case studies; dissemination of industrial best practices)

Ergonomics for Smart Products, Process and Systems (design for ergonomics; occupational comfort improvement)

Workplace Aesthetics and Ergonomic Design (workplace design and modern architecture perspectives)

Biomechanics and Modelling in Ergonomics (physical ergonomics; safety and risk management with ergonomics; musculoskeletal disorders risks management; augmented human including use of robots and exoskeletons; wearable computers applications)

Cognitive Ergonomics in Teleworking and Online Education (psychosociology perspectives in ergonomics studies)

Special Application of Ergonomics, Assistive Technologies and Ergonomics for an Inclusive Society (people with disabilities and aging population; improve accessibility and mobility through ergonomics improvements of professional systems and living spaces)

Occupational Health and Safety Management (safety culture; safety leadership; preventive measure with ergonomics; ergonomics risk management)

Ergonomics for Sustainable Workplaces, Green Workplaces and Green Mobility (ergonomics approaches for workplace wellbeing)

Education and Training Programs in Ergonomics, Workplace Management and Occupational Health and Safety (dissemination of good practices and experiences; future learning environments)

New Approaches for Managing People (human resources management, talent management, competencies management, intellectual and human capital management)